Pyramid Vertex Module (PVM)

Model details: Pyramid Vertex Module (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Cube, Cube from Sunken Vertex Units, Cuboctahedron from Inverted Units, Cuboctahedron, Large Cube, Octahedron with Inverted Sunken Pyramids, Spiked Octahedron

Model types: single unit
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Type: Phototutorial

PVM Vertex Unit PVM Sunken Vertex Unit PVM Vertex Unit with Cubic Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Octahedral Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Reversed Octahedral Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Edge Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Reversed Edge Connector Usage example: Cube Usage example: Cube with Inverted Pyramids Usage example: Cuboctahedron Usage example: Octahedron Usage example: Octahedron with Inverted Sunken Pyramids Usage example: Large Cube Usage example: Cuboctahedron from Inverted Vertex Modules
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PVM is a family of units which can be combined into shapes of quite different structure. The family consists of vertex units which resemble triangular pyramids and multiple types of connector units: