Folding instructions by type

Origami instructions by instruction type.

Crease Patterns (CP)

Crease Patterns (CPs) are a method of describing models through the final set of creases the model uses rather than by individual folding steps. A CP can be ...

Folding tips

Folding instructions listed here can be classified as folding tips: they are sometimes by themselves not enough to fold a model without extraneous instructio...


A phototutorial presents the folding sequence of a model step-by-step just like a drawn diagram, but uses photographs instead of drawings.

Step-by-step diagrams

Step-by-step diagrams based on hand- or computer drawings are the classical way of conveying origami folding instructions.


Videotutorials (origami instructions in the form of video) are becoming more and more popular. While I personally prefer diagrams for most types of origami, ...