Other origami sites

In alphabetic order:

  • CfC — the Community for Creators, with useful resources for origami designers
  • Ekaterina Lukasheva — a blog with interesting entries about origami in general, and a huge kusudama gallery
  • The Fold — OrigamiUSA’s online magazine, with diagrams, articles, and paper reviews
  • — a collection of high quality origami videos made by Sara Adams
  • The Lister List — writings of the late David Lister, mostly related to the history of origami, archived by the British Origami Society
  • Meenakshi Mukerji — one of the oldest sites about modular origami on the Web
  • Origami Forum — a place of many interesting discussions
  • Origami Resource Center — lots of free diagrams of all kinds of models, and general information about origami
  • Origami Tessellations group on flickr — in contrast to instagram, content is easy to search and navigate
  • Robert Lang — apart from the author’s works, this site contains lots of interesting material about origami design, diagramming, etc.
  • Spot the Creator group on Facebook — if you’re wondering if someone already designed the same model as you, this is the place to ask

Movies about contemporary origami

Origami conventions in Poland

Origami societies

  • Paper Properties — a description of properties which may be relevant when judging paper’s suitability for different tasks