About me

Michał Kosmulski, holding a precreased sheet of paper
Me, holding a partially precreased sheet for folding Shamrock Tessellaton 1.1

I’m Michał Kosmulski (IPA: /ˈmʲi.xaw kɔˈsmulskʲi/), an origami designer from Poland. I started folding around the age of eleven. In late 1999, I learned about modular origami, which became my main origami interest for many years. In 2015, due to a lucky coincidence, I attended my first origami convention and tried tessellations for the first time. They soon became my favorite style, and I started designing lots of new models. Around this time I also started sharing my work not only on my web page but also on social media.

Currently, I design most of all tessellations and boxes, but I enjoy trying out something different once in a while and have designed a number of modulars and simple figurative designs as well. In my models, I value elegance and a clean look, trying to avoid the visible grid lines which are a staple of many tessellation designs. I like combining techniques usually used for different types of models, for example wet folding with tessellations.

There is more to origami than just the models, though. I have given many workshops at origami conventions around the world and online, as well as some commercial events including origami workshops and presentations. I am also interested in paper, the basic folding material, and this site includes a number of paper reviews in its blog section. In 2023, I was a special guest at the Origami Deutschland (Germany) and Plener Origami (Poland) conventions.

You can learn more about my origami work from the interview I gave to OrigamiUSA in 2019 and from the 2023 interview for Der Falter.

For subjects other than origami, I have a personal homepage at michal.kosmulski.org.

About this page

My origami web page has been online since 2004. Coincidentally, this is also the year I got my first digital camera. In early 2021 I finally published a new version, with lots of new content and updated technology.

Current version is built using Jekyll and Minimal Mistakes theme. It makes extensive use of Jekyll Picture Tag (JPT) and a few other Jekyll plugins.

All models presented on this site were folded by me unless noted otherwise. Images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Please contact me if you are interested in using them on other terms.