Origami Deutschland Jahrestreffen 2023 — Summary

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Related models: Two Hearts, Cornflower, Fujimoto Cube, Sol, Maple Leaf (CFW 149), Box with Woven Triangles XVIII

My display at German Origami Convention 2023

German Origami Convention 2023 in Erkner near Berlin was the first origami event I’ve attended live since three years. It was also the first origami convention at which I was a guest of honor, together with Tine Blasek (Kalami) and Leyla Torres (Origami Spirit). I’m very happy about being there, and I hope others enjoyed it as well. Workshops (planned and not), free folding, meeting old friends and bumping into random people to talk, interesting discussions during dinner and enjoying great origami papers: this all adds up to a very inspiring meeting. I also appreciate the organizers, who not only had a lot of regular work related to the event, but also had to react to the constantly changing situation caused by the strike at rail companies, and put in a lot of effort to adapt the schedule to all participants’ needs. Thank you for having me!

If any of you readers were there, please give me feedback, both positive and negative, related to my workshops, diagrams, etc. I gave official workshops on: Cornflower, Two Hearts, Sol, Box with Woven Triangles XVIII, and taught a few models of mine and of Fujimoto’s in between. I’m also very happy about being able to show a number of origami models folded by Shuzo Fujimoto himself which I received from Roberto Morassi, to talk about Fujimoto’s life and work, and to teach the Fujimoto Cube and Maple Leaf at the end.


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