Pyramid Vertex Module (PVM)

Folding instructions: Pyramid Vertex Module
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Type: single unit (implies: single-sheet)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Models using this unit: Cube, Cube from Sunken Vertex Units, Cuboctahedron from Inverted Units, Cuboctahedron, Large Cube, Octahedron with Inverted Sunken Pyramids, Spiked Octahedron
In albums: Simple models

PVM Vertex Unit PVM Sunken Vertex Unit PVM Vertex Unit with Cubic Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Octahedral Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Reversed Octahedral Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Edge Connector PVM Vertex Unit with Reversed Edge Connector Usage example: Cube Usage example: Cube with Inverted Pyramids Usage example: Cuboctahedron Usage example: Octahedron Usage example: Octahedron with Inverted Sunken Pyramids Usage example: Large Cube Usage example: Cuboctahedron from Inverted Vertex Modules
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The Pyramid Vertex Module (PVM) is actually a family of units. It consists of vertex units which look like trigonal pyramids (hence the name) and connector units which are used to connect the vertex units. Different combinations of vertex units and connector units result in different models, sometimes as different as to not be obvious that they are built from very similar modules.

Vertex modules are very paper-efficient. In most places, there is only a single layer of paper, and the finished units are quite large relative to paper size. They can be folded from standard paper, but using somewhat thicker paper can make them more sturdy. Connector units, in contrast, have quite many layers and will not work well if folded from paper which is too thick.

After publishing this unit, I learned about a similar design (Polyhedron Construction Kit), by Miyuki Kawamura. Superficially, her design and mine are very similar (especially the Large Cube), but I believe my design to be superior: the triangular units are more paper-effective than Kawamura’s and the rectangular edge units (connectors) are thinner which makes the interior of the model more spacious and gives it a lighter appearance.