Spiked Icosahedron (WASS with color change)

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Folding instructions: Weird Asymmetric Sonobe (WASS)
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Paper: Kami
Type: color-change, modular spiky balls (implies: abstract modular, abstract, geometric, mathematical object, modular, multi-sheet, spiky balls)
Units used: Weird Asymmetric Sonobe (WASS), by: Michał Kosmulski (variant with color change)
Colors: red, white

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A spiked icosahedron made from my Weird Asymmetric Sonobe (WASS) unit variant with color change. Since the color change’s symmetry is not aligned with the symmetry of how units are connected, the coloring of complete model is non-uniform, and results in more or less random splashes of color rather than a regular pattern. I made the pattern a bit more regular on one side of the model, but this can only be achieved locally. This non-regular coloring of models folded from it make the Weird Asymmetric Sonobe even weirder.