Weird Asymmetric Sonobe (WASS)

Model details: Weird Asymmetric Sonobe (WASS) (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Spiked Icosahedron (WASS), Spiked Icosahedron (WASS with color change)

Model types: color-change, single unit
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Type: Phototutorial

Weird Asymmetric Sonobe (WASS) variant without color change (Michał Kosmulski)
Weird Asymmetric Sonobe (WASS) variant with color change (Michał Kosmulski)
Usage example (variant without color change): Spiked Icosahedron
Usage example (variant with color change): Spiked Icosahedron

This unit behaves like the Sonobe unit and can be used to build similar shapes, but its structure is asymmetric. Solids built from this unit have plain square faces like those made with Moreno’s unit.

Step 1
1. Start with a square
Step 2
2. Fold in half
Step 3
3. Fold and unfold at 45° angles at both ends
Step 4
4. Inside reverse fold
Step 5
5. Fold inside along precreased lines
Step 6
6. A look inside
Step 7
7. Mountain-fold flaps
Step 8
8. Fold along the diagonal of the central square part
Step 9
9. Three units can be connected into a pyramid, just as with regular Sonobe
Step 10
10. Units partially connected
Step 11
11. Single pyramid fully connected. Continue connecting more units to build spiked icosahedra and other similar shapes.

If you use duo paper, you can slightly modify the unit to get a color change. The color change is not symmetric, so it will not lead to a model with a uniform pattern. You can, however, combine units in different ways and mix units with and without color change for some interesting effects.

Step 12
12. Start with step 5 of the regular unit
Step 13
13. Pull out the upper triangular flap, folding it to the outside instead of inside. This will create the color change. Then continue with step 7 and following steps of the regular unit’s instructions.
Step 14
14. Finished unit with color change

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