Sonobe Unit

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Folding instructions: Sonobe unit
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Type: single unit (implies: single-sheet)
Author: traditional model (authorship is disputed)
Models using this unit: Large Icosahedron, Menger Sponge, level 1, Spiked Octahedron, Tux, the Linux penguin, Spiked Pentakisdodecahedron, Icosahedron, Spiked Icosahedron (Sonobe variant)
In albums: Simple models, Sonobe variants

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This is a very popular and historically important module, but its origins remain uncertain. While it is often attributed to Mitsunobu Sonobe or Toshie Takahama, there is no clear-cut evidence of the unit’s authorship by either of them and the unit may as well be traditional. See David Lister’s notes for more about the history of this unit.

Apart from the classic Sonobe Module, there exist countless variants with different decorations, created by multiple authors over the years.

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