Sonobe unit

Model details: Sonobe Unit (by: traditional model)
See also: Large Icosahedron, Menger Sponge, level 1, Spiked Octahedron, Tux, the Linux penguin, Spiked Pentakisdodecahedron, Icosahedron, Spiked Icosahedron (Sonobe variant)

Model types: single unit
Location: on other website
Type: Phototutorial, Step-by-step diagram, Videotutorial

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This page contains links to instructions for the classical Sonobe module. There also exist literally hundreds of variants: those have their separate pages on my site.

You can find diagrams for folding Sonobe module at Helena Verrill’s site. The page also contains a phototutorial which shows how to make a spiked icosahedron (30 unit assembly) from them.

There are many videotutorials about the Sonobe module. One I think is quite nice is this video by Polygon Origami.

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