Spiked Icosahedron (StEM face variant)

Folding instructions: Sturdy Edge Module
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Other folds and variants: Spiked Icosahedron (StEM face variant) from Kami
Paper: copy paper (note block)
Type: modular spiky balls (implies: abstract modular, abstract, geometric, mathematical object, modular, multi-sheet, spiky balls)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: Sturdy Edge Module, by: Dirk Eisner, Francis Ow, Michał Kosmulski, other/uknown, Tomoko Fuse (square paper)
Unit count: 30
Colors: orange
In albums: Modular ② — medium number of units

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The unit is a variant of an edge unit; I call usage like this the “face variant” since the unit covers a face rather than an edge of the solid. When I invented the module, I thought it was very original, but soon I learned it was actually pretty common and had been independently designed by many others before (it’s just a variant of the classic Ow’s edge unit). Dave Mitchell invented this “face configuration” (under the name Cube-Corner Star) as early as 1993.