Pyramid (6 levels high)

Folding instructions: Business Card Cube Module
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Paper: copy paper (business cards)
Type: architecture, business card origami, figurative modular (implies: figurative, modular, multi-sheet)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: Business Card Cube Module, by: traditional model
Unit count: 612
Colors: white
In albums: Modular ④ – huge number of units

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This model consists of just a 2-cube thick hull of a pyramid. This makes it possible to create a larger model with fewer modules than in the case of a completely solid model. As one can easily show, the general formula for the number of cubes in n-th level (with a single cube being level 0) is:
N(n) = 8n-4 for n ≥ 2
5 for n = 1
1 for n = 0

Thus, the number of cubes in the whole pyramid hull of height m (when a single cube counts as a pyramid of height 1) is, for m ≥ 2:
1+5+Σm-1i = 2(8i-4) = 6 + 4(m-1)2-4 = 4(m-1)2 + 2

Compare also with the meshed pyramid.