Business Card Cube Module

Folding instructions: Business Card Cube Module
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Type: single unit (implies: single-sheet)
Author: traditional model
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The unit itself Usage example: Menger Sponge Usage example: Pyramid Usage example: life-sized chair
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This unit can be used to make cubes and almost any shapes built from cubes using business cards. With only two folds, it’s literally the simplest unit I know. Instead of a business card, you can use a rectangle of almost any proportions as long as it’s not quite square (3:2 aspect ratio seems to be a reasonable minimum). Thick paper is recommended. You can also use a square of thin or medium-thick paper and fold it in half.

I used as similar concept for the basic “volume-building” module in my Building Block Unit family, with additional units added for decoration and for building less cube-like shapes.