Exhibition and Workshop at Allegro Tech Meeting

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Each year at Allegro, where I work, we organize an internal IT conference called ATM (Allegro Tech Meeting). Apart from lots of interesting presentations, there are also various attractions during the afterparty. This year, I had my part in the technical part of the conference, but also in the sideshows. I prepared an exhibition of my origami designs as well as origami workshops where we improvised all sorts of weird shapes built from the Business Card Cube Unit.

For the workshops, we ordered several kilograms of thick colored papers cut into business-card-sized sheets so that we could play with both shapes and colors. Some people compared it to playing Minecraft. I had the idea for a workshop like this on my mind for a long time, but it was the first time I actually executed it. My main goal was to make it possible for people to join and leave at any moment, and it was possible since the unit is so simple a few minutes are all it takes to get started. I also prepared folding instructions on a flip chart in case someone wanted to fold when there was no one else in the room. It was a good opportunity to present origami to my colleagues, and it seems they enjoyed both the display and the hands-on experience.