Spiked Icosahedra from Three Sonobe Variants

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Folding instructions: Bow-Tie Sonobe
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Paper: Kami
Type: color-change, composition, modular spiky balls (implies: abstract modular, abstract, geometric, mathematical object, modular, multi-sheet, spiky balls)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: Paper Airplane Sonobe, Bow-Tie Sonobe, Checkered Sonobe, by: Michał Kosmulski, tomoko07011209 (30 units in each icosahedron)
Unit count: 90
Colors: multi-colored
In albums: Showcase, Sonobe variants, Modular ② — medium number of units

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Comparison of three related Sonobe variants of mine, from left to right: Paper Airplane Sonobe, Checkered Sonobe, and Bow-Tie Sonobe. Each icosahedron is folded from 30 units. The red one, from Paper Airplane Sonobe, is slightly smaller than the other two since I used slightly smaller sheets.

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