Clustered Bricks

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Folding instructions: Shifted Bricks
Main model description: Shifted Bricks
Other folds and variants: Shifted Bricks (16×16 grid)
Paper: Satogami
Type: classic tessellation (implies: abstract tessellation, abstract, geometric, pattern, abstract periodic tessellation, non-recursive periodic tessellation, periodic tessellation, tessellation)
Author: Madonna Yoder, Michał Kosmulski (independent design)
Colors: black
In albums: Models designed by me and by others, Pythagorean Tiling Family, Tessellation Examples

Front Back Front, close-up
Images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

This design is a variant of Shifted Bricks. Every other brick in each row is of different length. Since the rows are shifted relative to each other, if you look the right way, you can see four-brick clusters that form larger rectangles (narrow-wide in top row, and wide-narrow in the row below). This is just one of many examples how you can vary the bricks’ lengths in interesting ways.

The tessellation is iso-area, with the back side being a mirror reflection of the front. Folded from black Satogami paper.

I saw someone publish the same design on Instagram, with the information they learned it in one of Madonna Yoder’s workshops, so like many other members of the Pythagorean Tiling Family, this one has probably also been reinvented independently by many people.

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