Two Swords / Dwa Miecze

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Folding instructions: Two Swords / Dwa Miecze
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Paper: Tant
Type: origami painting, other object (implies: figurative tessellation, figurative, tessellation)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Colors: gray
In albums: Showcase

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Model ten zaprojektowałem po niedawnej wizycie na polu Bitwy pod Grunwaldem. Origami z jednego arkusza papieru, bez cięcia i klejenia. Siatka 48×48. Pojedynczy miecz można potraktować jako molekułę tesselacji i połączyć w jednym modelu dowolną ich liczbę.

I designed this model after my recent visit to the battlefield of Grunwald, one of the largest battles of the Middle Ages. Origami from a single sheet of paper, no cutting or glue. 48×48 grid. A single sword can be treated as a tessellation molecule, so any number of those can be combined in a single model. It should also be possible to arrange the molecules differently, for example have a line of swords, some of which would point up and some down, or possibly even arrange them in a circular fashion (thanks for the suggestion, arsenikoom).

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