Truncated Cuboctahedron with Inverted Spikes on Octagonal Faces

Folding instructions: Sturdy Edge Module
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Paper: copy paper
Type: other modular polyhedron (implies: abstract modular, abstract, balls and polyhedra, geometric, mathematical object, modular balls and polyhedra, modular, multi-sheet, other polyhedra)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: Sturdy Edge Module, by: Dirk Eisner, Francis Ow, Michał Kosmulski, other/uknown, Tomoko Fuse (120 modules from square paper and 48 from 1:√2 paper)
Unit count: 168
Colors: multi-colored
In albums: Showcase, Modular ③ – many units

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This is a physically large model which demonstrates how StEM units made from sheets of different proportions can be combined (obviously, all rectangles’ short sides have to be the same if units are to be interconnectible). In this design, flat faces of the polyhedron which have more than four sides are filled with a rosette of units meeting in the middle. In the case of hexagons, the sizes match perfectly and faces are completely flat. In the case of octagons, they are nearly, but not quite, flat and the pyramids they create are directed inwards. This gives the model an interesting appearance and allowed me to use modules made from the convenient 1:√2 (A4) aspect ratio paper.

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