Tetrahedron (Dark Garden pattern)

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Folding instructions: 60° unit
This is the primary page for this model.
Paper: copy paper (painted with black marker)
Type: other modular polyhedron (implies: abstract modular, abstract, balls and polyhedra, geometric, mathematical object, modular balls and polyhedra, modular, multi-sheet, other polyhedra)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: 60° unit, by: Francis Ow
Unit count: 6
Colors: black, white
In albums: Modular ① – few units

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I photographed this model ten years ago, in January 2013. It is just a simple tetrahedron folded from Francis Ow’s 60 degree unit. What makes it more interesting is the pattern with which I decorated the modules. It is the same flourish I used in my Dark Garden font, based on doodles I used to draw in my notebooks during the less interesting moments at school.

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