Heart-Shaped Coil

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Paper: copy paper
Type: other decoration, heart, origami chain (implies: abstract modular, abstract, geometric, modular, multi-sheet, origami-first design, pattern, symbol)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: Single-Module Modular Heart, by: Michał Kosmulski (the number of units in this fold is approximate)
Unit count: 8
Colors: red
In albums: Simple models, Modular ① – few units

Images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

This is a model I designed and folded back in 2016. It is made from the same kind of units as Single-Module Modular Heart. Any number of units can be used since the model is a linear chain. With a long enough string of units, the coil can be closed and its ends connected, forming a Heart-Shaped Torus. This also means that a single heart can be considered a special case of this model.

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