Egg Cup II

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Folding instructions: Egg Cup II (aka Chalice)
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Paper: Elephant Hide
Type: furniture, single-sheet box (implies: box, figurative, geometric, origami-first design, single-sheet)
Author: Michał Kosmulski, Samuel Randlett
Colors: brown and beige
In albums: Models designed by me and by others, Models with Pictures of Precreased Sheets, Showcase

Precreased sheet
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This cup is a design derived from Lucky Star Box (Simplified) Variant B and the PreCP (Precrease Pattern) is the same. The paper used to form the star in the former model is used for the cup’s base in this one. This cup could be a drinking cup or perhaps a baptismal font as well, but I called it egg cup since folded from a hexagon cut from an A4 sheet, its size is certainly too small for a drinking cup and just a bit too large for an egg cup. To get a size that matches real eggs well, use a hexagon cut from a rectangle about 16 cm broad. An A5 sheet (A4 cut in half) is 15 cm broad and should be almost fine as well.

Some time after designing this model, I accidentally stumbled upon diagrams and learned that it had been independently designed by Sam Randlett as early as 1980 (under the name Chalice).

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