Egg Cup II (aka Chalice)

Model details: Egg Cup II (by: Michał Kosmulski, Samuel Randlett)

Model types: furniture, single-sheet box
Location: in print media
Type: Crease Pattern, Step-by-step diagram

Egg Cup II (Michał Kosmulski), independently also by Sam Randlett (under the name Chalice)

This model was independently designed by Sam Randlett, who used the name Chalice. You can find instructions for this model in many printed publications, including:

  • QQM 03 (Quaderni di Quadrato Magico) — Origami Superstars, p. 14; available from members area on Origami CDO page
  • BOS Magazine #81 (published by the British Origami Society), page 16
  • BOS Convention 1979 Autumn Book
  • MFPP 1995 Convention Book
  • Pajarita Magazine 50