Star Ananke (variant E)

Model details: Star Ananke (variant E) (by: Michał Kosmulski)

Model types: color-change, modular stars
Location: on this page
Type: Phototutorial

Star Ananke, variant E, front Star Ananke, variant E, back
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Step 1
1. Pinch center of bottom edge and pivot upper-right corner around upper-left corner till it meets the pinch line
Step 2
2. Fold right half onto left half while moving the corner from pinch line onto upper-left corner. The end result is like an inside reverse fold at 60° in the upper left corner.
Step 3
3. Open the “reverse fold”
Step 4
4. Squash fold at the bottom while folding along the color-white boundary
Step 5
5. Valley-fold the flap
Step 6
6. Valley-fold. Unit is finished.
Step 7
7. Back side of finished unit
Step 8
8. For connecting the units, partially unfold the flaps
Step 9
9. Inserting a flap (the other one, on the left side of unit) into a pocket
Step 10
10. Flap fully inserted
Step 11
11. Start folding along precreased lines, with the other unit’s flap locked between layers
Step 12
12. Hide the folded flap beneath top layer
Step 13
13. Two units fully connected. Now continue adding more units, for a total of 6.
Step 14
14. Finished model, front
Step 15
15. Finished model, back