14-Spoked Wheel

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Folding instructions: Sturdy Edge Module
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Paper: copy paper
Type: other modular polyhedron (implies: abstract modular, abstract, balls and polyhedra, geometric, mathematical object, modular balls and polyhedra, modular, multi-sheet, other polyhedra)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: Sturdy Edge Module, by: Dirk Eisner, Francis Ow, Michał Kosmulski, other/uknown, Tomoko Fuse (28 from 1:2√2 paper and 42 from 1:√2 paper)
Unit count: 70
Colors: green, yellow
In albums: Models with 3D anaglyphs, Showcase, Modular ② — medium number of units

3D anaglyph
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Mathematically speaking, this wheel is a tetradecagonal prism. This construction, which uses a mix of units made from 1:√2 and 1:2√2 paper, isn’t mathematically exact but it is close enough for practical purposes. When designing this model, I wrote a short Scala script to find polygons whose radius could be approximated with good precision using modules folded from paper in easy to cut proportions (the ratios had to be built from small integers and √2).

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