Name Plate

Model details: Name Plate (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Name Plate (candy wrapper variant), Name Plate (stacking variant)

Model types: other decoration, other single-sheet polyhedra
Location: on this page, in print media
Type: Crease Pattern, Step-by-step diagram

Candy wrapper variant Name plate used both for model description and as a stand for another model Stacking variant
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You can use this model to print your name on it (templates available below) and put it on your desk or for adding descriptions to your models at an origami convention. You can also put it up vertically and use as a stand for Kusudamas and other similar models.

This is a very simple model. It looks like a regular triangular prism with pyramids on the triangular faces. These pyramids can be directed inwards or outwards depending on the variant. See the model variants linked in page heading for details.

Diagrams in print media

A diagram with step-by-step instructions was published in 13th Bulletin of Polish Origami Society (2015), page 76.

Crease Patterns

Square or rectangular paper can be used (crease patterns below are for square and A4 paper). Different paper proportions will result in different proportions of the finished model. You can use the SVG editable templates below for easily fitting your own text onto folded name plates.

CP for Name Plate from A4 paper

CP for Name Plate from square paper

Templates for printing your name

The SVG files below are editable templates which allow you to fit your name onto the sheet from which you will be folding. You can edit them with Inkscape or any other vector graphics program. The green rectangles are for you to see how much space for the text you have — remove them after entering your text for the plate.

WARNING: Some printer drivers have a special option which adds extra margins around the printed page. This is because most printers can not print on the whole area of the sheet. However, this causes the image to be shifted. If you notice that your text is significantly offset from the correct position, check your printer settings to make sure there are no extra margins and that the printable area is set to encompass the whole page.

Templates below are for the A4 paper format: full page and page divided in half horizontally or vertically.

Template for fitting your name onto Name Plate from A4 paper

Template for fitting your name onto Name Plate from A4 paper (half lengthwise)

Template for fitting your name onto Name Plate from A4 paper (half breadthwise)