Traditional Bracelet with Squares

Model details: Traditional Bracelet with Squares (by: traditional model)

Model types: color-change, single-sheet origami-first design, origami jewelry
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Traditional Bracelet with Squares

In print

I learned this model from the book Sztuka origami by Renzo Zanoni (published 1992, ISBN 83-85330-17-8), page 28. This book is a Polish translation of a book in Italian (the original is listed as All’origami, Demetria S.r.l., 2a Edizione, febbraio ’88). Models’ authors are not explicitly stated, but this model is listed among a number of well-known traditional models, and it’s very simple, so I assume it is traditional as well.

Video tutorial

There is a videotutorial for this model on YouTube.


To fold this model, use duo paper. Precrease both diagonals, and then fold two opposite corners to the center. This way, you divide one of the diagonals into fourths. Continue dividing in half until you reach the right number of divisions (16 seems to be the minimum number than looks nice). Fold along those divisions into a harmonica (alternating mountain and valley folds) on one half of the square, leave the diagonal crease flat, and then continue folding symmetrically on the other half. You should now have a strip with a pattern of color-changed squares. Tuck one end of this strip into the other, and the bracelet is ready.