Truncated Icosahedron with Tessellated Hexagonal Faces and Inverted Pyramids on Pentagonal Faces

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Folding instructions: Open Frame Unit
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Paper: copy paper (note block)
Type: other modular polyhedron (implies: abstract modular, abstract, balls and polyhedra, geometric, mathematical object, modular balls and polyhedra, modular, multi-sheet, other polyhedra)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Units used: Open Frame Unit, by: Tomoko Fuse (variant II, plain)
Unit count: 270
Colors: multi-colored
In albums: Modular ③ – many units, Works in Progress

Under construction, just a pile of units Under construction, a look inside Under construction, halfway through
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Made from Tomoko Fuse’s Open Frame II (plain) unit, polyhedron design by me.