Quicksands Box

No folding instructions for this model are listed on my page.
This is the primary page for this model.
Paper: Sousakusenka (simulated sand texture)
Type: box lid, classic tessellation (implies: abstract tessellation, abstract, box, geometric, origami-first design, pattern, single-sheet, abstract periodic tessellation, non-recursive periodic tessellation, periodic tessellation, tessellation)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Colors: white
In albums: Dune Tessellation Family

Top view
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The tessellation molecule that decorates this box spent several years in my drawer before I finally made a clean fold, since I designed it shortly after Dune Tessellation, meaning 2017 or 2018. Angelika Schwengers recently posted pictures of her design called 3D-twisted-triangle tessellation which looks very similar but has a different structure. Her picture mentioned in the previous sentence also shows Triple Triangle Twist Tessellation by Benjamin Parker which again is based on similar design ideas.