Iso-Area Square Twists (CFW 66)

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Folding instructions: Iso-Area Square Twists (CFW 66)
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Paper: Tant
Type: classic tessellation (implies: abstract tessellation, abstract, geometric, pattern, abstract periodic tessellation, non-recursive periodic tessellation, periodic tessellation, tessellation)
Author: Shuzo Fujimoto
Colors: blue

Front Front, close-up Back Back, close-up
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This design by Shuzo Fujimoto is an early example of an iso-area tessellation, i.e. one which looks the same on both sides, apart from possibly rotations and translations. The way I arranged the molecules on the sheet results in a straight margin on the model and slightly different shapes formed by the molecules: a rotated square on one side and a rounded shape on the other. This does not negate the tessellation being iso-area since that notion applies to the tessellation understood as an infinite pattern covering the complete plane. When a finite number of molecules are folded on a finite sheet, certain anomalies arise near the margins, and can be used for aesthetic effect.