Growth 1.1

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Folding instructions: Square Pixel Tessellation
Main model description: Square Pixel Tessellation
Other folds and variants: Growth, Scroll of Time: 2017
Paper: Elephant Hide
Type: classic tessellation (implies: abstract tessellation, abstract, geometric, pattern, abstract periodic tessellation, non-recursive periodic tessellation, periodic tessellation, tessellation)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Colors: brown and beige
In albums: Showcase, Tessellation Examples

Images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

I recently stumbled upon an older model of mine, Growth Tessellation, in one of my boxes, and I decided to rework it a little. I added just a few touches which can all be summed up as a better arrangement of pleats (symmetric pleats instead of asymmetric and moving one of the pleats to the side by one grid unit). In the process, I saved some paper and was able to cut off a 2 grid unit wide strip of paper on the left side while keeping the original composition of the model. So, here’s the same piece of paper as in the old model, but — in my opinion — improved (and the image is now rotated upside-down since I think this orientation highlights the growth in the central row which I think is more important than the top and bottom rows).