Conveyor Belt Unit (CBU)

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Type: single unit (implies: single-sheet)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Models using this unit: Chain (CBU), Conveyor Belt (CBU), Möbius Strip V (CBU), Möbius Strip VI “Recycling Symbol” (CBU), Trefoil Knot (CBU), 62 Knot (CBU), Tower of Babel (CBU), Möbius Chain (CBU)

Single unit, front Single unit, back Usage example: Conveyor Belt Usage example: Chain Usage example: Möbius Strip V Usage example: Trefoil Knot
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This unit can be used for building objects such as flat tapes, rings, Möbius strips, knots, and combinations thereof. The linking mechanism between units is not the strongest, but compared to most alternatives, it is relatively flat and thin. The ends of each strip are slanted at a 60° angle rather than perpendicular to the unit’s longer edge, which gives the models a distinctive look, and can be structurally advantageous in case the unit is twisted (as in a Möbius strip). The slants on either end can go either in the same direction, making the unit sans tabs a parallelogram, or in opposite directions, making it a trapezoid.