Star Tessellation (CFW 59)

Model details: Star Tessellation (CFW 59) (by: Shuzo Fujimoto)

Model types: classic tessellation, tessellated stars
Location: on this page, in print media
Type: Phototutorial, Folding tips

Star Tessellation, CFW 59 (Shuzo Fujimoto)
Star Tessellation, CFW 59 (Shuzo Fujimoto), back-lit


Images of the finished model, shown in back-light, appeared in Fujimoto’s books (without any detailed instructions):

Hints on folding

The structure of the molecule is rather simple: it is a modified hex twist identical to that found in Lucky Star Fractal, pursed (i.e. with the edges of the hexagon folded to align with the hexagon’s diagonal).

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