Square Interlace Box

Model details: Square Interlace Box (by: Michał Kosmulski)

Model types: box lid, classic tessellation
Location: on other website
Type: Folding tips, Videotutorial

Square Interlace Tessellation Box (Michał Kosmulski)
Square Interlace Tessellation Box and Bracelet (Michał Kosmulski)


This model is based around Square Interlace Tessellation so you can use instructions for that model as a starting point.


Sara Adams prepared a videotutorial on folding this tessellation specifically in box form.

Folding tips

If you fold from thick paper, such as Elephant Hide, you can use wet folding to better flatten the top part of the box. Remember to use only a little water (paper should be slightly damp, not wet) and then put something heavy with a flat surface on top to let it dry for a day or so. Note that not all papers are suitable for wet folding, so be careful.