https://britishorigami.info/academic/johnsmith/hydrangea_john_smith.pdf https://youtu.be/zu5F0Hmd3ZA
Model details: Hydrangea (by: Shuzo Fujimoto)
See also: Hydrangea Cube, Hydrangea Icosahedron, Hydrangea (manuscript pattern), Hydrangea with Leaves, Hydrangea Heart, Hydrangea Cube (Harmony paper), Hydrangea from book wrapping foil, Hydrangea (Prägo Kristall paper), Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea (Tant), Hydrangea Brick (レンガ, Renga) variant, Hydrangea Basic Form A variant 1

Model types: recursive and periodic tessellations
Location: on other website, in print media
Type: Step-by-step diagram, Videotutorial

Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto)
Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto), back-lit

You can find folding instructions for the Hydrangea (including a number of variants) in Fujimoto’s book, Folding Origami Hydrangea (おりがみ あじさい折り).

There are also free diagrams made by John Smith available online (PDF).

If you prefer a video tutorial, you can find several on YouTube: I can recommend the one by Sara Adams.

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