Hydrangea Cube

Model details: Hydrangea Cube (by: Meenakshi Mukerji, Michał Kosmulski, Shuzo Fujimoto)
See also: Hydrangea Cube (Harmony paper)

Model types: modular cubes and cuboids, tessellation modular, recursive and periodic tessellations
Location: on this page
Type: Phototutorial

Hydrangea Cube (module by Shuzo Fujimoto, connection method independently by Michał Kosmulski and Meenakshi Mukerji)

The idea of connecting several Hydrangeas occurred independently to me and earlier to Meenakshi Mukerji. If you do not yet know how to fold a single Hydrangea, check out these instructions.

Since the connection method described here is very general, you can use it not only for cubes, but also for many other shapes such as icosahedra. Practically any shape which is possible to build from Sonobe units, can also be made from Hydrangeas.

Instructions are available as a single PNG image:

Hydrangea Cube instructions (PNG)