Shark Teeth Corrugation

Model details: Corrugation: Shark Teeth (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Shark Teeth Corrugation (blue Elephant Hide)

Model types: abstract corrugation-tessellation
Location: on this page
Type: Crease Pattern, Folding tips

Shark Teeth Corrugation (Michał Kosmulski)
Shark Teeth Corrugation (Michał Kosmulski) precrease construction

The second image shows the three steps used for constructing the pre-crease pattern for my Shark Teeth Corrugation.

The first step is just the square grid, then diagonal creases are added, and in the end some angle bisectors. When folding the precrease, I would normally fold one step on the whole surface and only then proceed to the next one, so what this picture shows is just for illustration purposes rather than the usual way of precreasing this model.