Model details: Hedgehog (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Hedgehog from Sponge Cloth, Hedgehog (Glassine)

Model types: animal, figurative single-sheet
Location: on this page, in print media
Type: Phototutorial, Step-by-step diagram

Hedgehog (Michał Kosmulski)

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This model can be folded from practically any kind of paper. A 20 cm square of copy paper is a good start, but you can fold this model even from a sheet as small as 8 cm.

Step 1
1. Start with a square sheet, white side up if folding from duo paper.
Step 2
2. Fold in half.
Step 3
3. Fold corner to the vertical helper crease.
Step 4
4. Unfold.
Step 5
5. Valley-fold along the diagonal, but only between the corner and previously folded crease.
Step 6
6. Grab the corner by folding along the creased segment of the diagonal.
Step 7
7. Collapse, flattening the model. The edge of the paper at the bottom should form a straight line.
Step 8
8. Unfold everything.
Step 9
9. Fold a segment of diagonal in lower-right corner, only until it meets the first crease.
Step 10
10. Start collapsing as in step 6.
Step 11
11. Grab the lower-right corner while creasing the diagonal segment. You should be able to move the corner around.
Step 12
12. Align the corner so that the folded edges of the paper on the right form a single straight line.
Step 13
13. Rotate the model and fold up the almost triangular flap of the paper at its bottom.
Step 14
14. Pull out some paper and flatten in order to get a sharp corner.
Step 15
15. Pivot the sharp corner and flatten. A good reference point is when the crease visible on the model meets the base of the previous spike.
Step 16
16. Mountain-fold the extra paper at the bottom in order to hide it.
Step 17
17. Mountain-fold the corner at the bottom and rotate the model. The hedgehog is now ready.
Step 18
18. Back side of the finished model.

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