Clematis Tessellation

Model details: Clematis Tessellation (by: Michał Kosmulski)
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Model types: classic tessellation, flower
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Type: Phototutorial

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This is a relatively simple tessellation which should be suitable even for beginners. Despite the simplicity, with a bit of shaping, it can look quite nice.


The pictures below show the precreasing and collapse of a 2×2 molecule tessellation, which requires an 8×8 square grid (4×4 for each molecule).

Step 1a
1a. Start with an 8×8 grid. Precrease as shown.
Step 1b
1b. If you want to make a clean fold, precrease only the lines shown here. This will be more difficult to precrease and collapse but will result in a fold without any unnecessary creases visible.
Step 2
2. Actual precreased sheet.
Step 3
3. Start collapsing the base (a sunk square twist).
Step 4
4. One base completely collapsed.
Step 5
5. All molecule bases collapsed. Align the movable flaps in such way that each molecule has a consistent twist direction.
Step 6
6. Fold a rabbit ear through all layers on one triangular flap.
Step 7
7. Open the layers in order to shape the petal.
Step 8
8. Finished model, after shaping all petals.