BBU unit family G: bumps and protrusions

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See other sections of this tutorial for instructions on folding other unit variants and connecting them.

This big family of BBU units groups together those tiles which are not flat but have some elements which stick out from the base.

All tiles in the family

Code Name Finished look Front Back Crease pattern Description
G1 fin
BBU G1 tile, complete
BBU G1 tile, front
BBU G1 tile, back
BBU G1 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
G2 double fins
BBU G2 tile, complete
BBU G2 tile, front
BBU G2 tile, back
BBU G2 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G3 tile, complete
BBU G3 tile, front
BBU G3 tile, back
BBU G3 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G4 tile, complete
BBU G4 tile, front
BBU G4 tile, back
BBU G4 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G5 tile, complete
BBU G5 tile, front
BBU G5 tile, back
BBU G5 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G6 tile, complete
BBU G6 tile, front
BBU G6 tile, back
BBU G6 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G7 tile, complete
BBU G7 tile, front
BBU G7 tile, back
BBU G7 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
G8 square bump
BBU G8 tile, complete
BBU G8 tile, front
BBU G8 tile, back
BBU G8 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
G9 rectangular bump
BBU G9 tile, complete
BBU G9 tile, front
BBU G9 tile, back
BBU G9 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G10 tile, complete
BBU G10 tile, front
BBU G10 tile, back
BBU G10 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
Uses D10 tile as a base.
BBU G11 tile, complete
BBU G11 tile, front
BBU G11 tile, back
BBU G11 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G12 tile, complete
BBU G12 tile, front
BBU G12 tile, back
BBU G12 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G13 tile, complete
BBU G13 tile, front
BBU G13 tile, back
BBU G13 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
A useful modification is to first fold the four corners, thus forming the bottom and top flaps, and to fold the sides as a next step. The upper flap formed this way seems to be easier to fold in a straight clean crease than the original design.
BBU G14 tile, complete
BBU G14 tile, front
BBU G14 tile, back
BBU G14 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G15 tile, complete
BBU G15 tile, front
BBU G15 tile, back
BBU G15 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G16 tile, complete
BBU G16 tile, front
BBU G16 tile, back
BBU G16 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
G17 four fins
BBU G17 tile, complete
BBU G17 tile, front
BBU G17 tile, back
BBU G17 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU G18 tile, complete
BBU G18 tile, front
BBU G18 tile, back
BBU G18 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)

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