BBU unit family E: stars and crosses

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See other sections of this tutorial for instructions on folding other unit variants and connecting them.

Tiles in this family are decorated with elements with radial symmetry which usually look like crosses and/or stars.

All tiles in the family

Code Name Finished look Front Back Crease pattern Description
E1 cross
BBU E1 tile, complete
BBU E1 tile, front
BBU E1 tile, back
BBU E1 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU E1 tile, complete
BBU E1 tile, front
BBU E1 tile, back
E2 diagonal cross
BBU E2 tile, complete
BBU E2 tile, front
BBU E2 tile, back
BBU E2 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU E3 tile, complete
BBU E3 tile, front
BBU E3 tile, back
BBU E3 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
E4 pinwheel
BBU E4 tile, complete
BBU E4 tile, front
BBU E4 tile, back
BBU E4 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
E5 rotated pinwheel
BBU E5 tile, complete
BBU E5 tile, front
BBU E5 tile, back
BBU E5 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
This tile does not completely cover the units below it.
E6 sharp pinwheel
BBU E6 tile, complete
BBU E6 tile, front
BBU E6 tile, back
BBU E6 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
E7 big pinwheel
BBU E7 tile, complete
BBU E7 tile, front
BBU E7 tile, back
BBU E7 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
Uses D4 tile as a base.
E8 small pinwheel
BBU E8 tile, complete
BBU E8 tile, front
BBU E8 tile, back
BBU E8 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU E9 tile, complete
BBU E9 tile, front
BBU E9 tile, back
BBU E9 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
BBU E10 tile, complete
BBU E10 tile, front
BBU E10 tile, back
BBU E10 tile, Crease Pattern (CP)
Both colors are visible when tile is made from two-sided paper.

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