Splendorgel Paper Review 2

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Frank’s Bow Tie (Michał Kosmulski), folded from Splendorgel paper

For folding Frank’s Bow Tie, I chose Fedrigoni Splendorgel Extra White 100 gsm paper. I reviewed the same paper earlier already, but it was a different color, and I prepared the new review from scratch, without consulting the previous one. I had a look at that review after writing this one in order to check if my impressions of the same paper (differing only in color) were consistent — fortunately, they were :)

As the name indicates, Splendorgel Extra White is a plain white, smooth, slightly shiny paper. In backlight it is quite translucent and it felt thin for its weight. Precreasing went well and creases ended up being smooth and not very conspicuous. Reversing the creases was also easy as was the collapse. Another positive surprise was that the difference in folding resistance along and perpendicular to machine direction was smaller than I had expected from paper of such weight. Overall, this paper made a very good impresssion, and I regret that I have access only to A4 sheets and not any larger.


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