Kinumomi (Rhinoceros Hide) Paper Review

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Spread Sunk Square Twist Tessellation folded from Kinumomi (Rhino Hide) paper

Folding my Spread-Sunk Square Twist Tessellation was my first use of Kinumomi paper (also known as Rhinoceros Hide / Rhino Hide). This paper felt funny while folding, more like plastic than like paper. It also stretched a bit during precreasing rather than just breaking into completely planar areas. Still, the result is quite fine. The paper didn’t feel too thick at first, but it was not very easy to fold small details, like the spread-sinks/squashes until I resorted to wet folding which changed the behavior and made squashing quite easy. However, I felt that while wet, the paper was rather fragile and would not stand complex manipulation or high tension. Overall, it’s an interesting paper with a nice texture but folding properties are only just OK, at least for this model.