Double Corrugated Paperboard Review

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Traditional Paper Boat, folded from double-layer corrugated paperboard

I folded a huge paper boat in order to test the feasibility of folding from thick double-layer corrugated board. As could be expected, this paper proved rather awful for origami. Even a single layer was hard to fold neatly and with more than one, I needed to stomp my heel with lots of force in order to even get a roughly smooth folded edge. While I was opening the model, the cardboard also tore in a few places. Still, it was a fun experiment, and the resulting 1.5 m long boat is truly an unusual model. The paperboard being thick and having lots of air in between the layers probably also helped the boat float since it was able to stay afloat for quite a long time (it was far from sinking when I took it out of the water).


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