Murillo Paper Review

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Big and Small Squares, front Big and Small Squares, back
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Big and Small Squares was the first model I folded from Fabriano Murillo paper. It is acid free and promises good color stability (with many vivid colors available) but at 190 gsm it was too thick to make clean creases when dry. In wet folding, I used too much water which caused some tears (in the paper, not in me) as well as creases not going quite as straight as they should. Some of the colorant also seeped from the paper onto my table. You can easily spot the resultant imperfections in folding despite this being a really big sheet. Since I like the available color palette, I might give this paper another try some time.

Update: I later used this paper a few times for big models I used during origami workshops to demonstrate the finished model to a room full of people. For simple models, folded from big sheets (and without wet folding), this paper is actually quite OK. A sturdy bone folder is highly recommended, but for this particular use case, the paper’s thickness and stiffness are actually advantages.


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