Review of Unidentified Thick Embossed Paper

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Rhombic Pixel Tessellation, folded from the paper under review

Rhombic Pixel Tessellation was an experiment in folding from an unusual paper. I had a single sheet but didn’t know the name or origin of the paper. It was embossed with a pattern resembling rose flowers, quite thick and at the same time very soft. This made working with it really hard, and I struggled to make a grid with 24 divisions along the longer edge of A4 paper. The embossing made it really hard to make straight creases, and the softness caused the paper to deform a lot. After collapsing, the tessellation rolled up a lot due to the thickness of the paper. I had to resort to wet folding, which unfortunately damaged the embossed pattern somewhat (as was to be expected). Overall, this was a beautiful piece of paper, but with poor folding properties, at least for this kind of model.