Propellers (CFW 54)

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Folding instructions: Propellers Tessellation
Main model description: Propellers Tessellation
Other folds and variants: Propellers Tessellation (short blade variant), Sharp Propellers Tessellation, Box with Fat Propeller
Paper: Ordis
Type: classic tessellation (implies: abstract tessellation, abstract, geometric, pattern, abstract periodic tessellation, non-recursive periodic tessellation, periodic tessellation, tessellation)
Author: Michał Kosmulski, Shuzo Fujimoto (independent design)
Colors: green
In albums: Models designed by me and by others, Tessellation Examples

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Propellers Tessellation was one of my first successful designs. Interestingly, I came up with it later than with Square Interlace Tessellation even though Propellers is one of the intermediate steps when folding Square Interlace.

Several years later, I learned that Shuzo Fujimoto had designed Propellers many years before me. I found this model in the package of Fujimoto’s models received from Roberto Morassi, combined in a single tessellation with molecules of Stars and Squares, another design I independently invented years after Fujimoto. I then identified this molecule in one of the images of his books: it appears as one of the molecules used in CFW 262 whose back-lit image can be found on page 163 of Invitation to Creative Playing with Origami. This molecule is also used in the center of Fujimoto’s Square Twist Star (CFW 150).