Hypar (Hyperbolic Paraboloid)

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Folding instructions: Hypar (Hyperbolic Paraboloid)
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Other folds and variants: Hypar (Hyperbolic Paraboloid) clean fold
Paper: Satogami
Type: other mathematical object (non-modular) (implies: abstract, geometric, mathematical object, other mathematical object)
Author: traditional model
Colors: green
In albums: Simple models

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This model, representing a hyperbolic paraboloid, is thought to originate from the paperfolding experiments at Bauhaus in the late 1920’s. However, details of its authorship remain unknown, making it an example of a relatively modern traditional model. This design is an example of achieving the effect of a curved surface by folding a set of straight lines. You can read more about paperfolding at the Bauhaus on pages related to the topic made by Erik Demaine and by Dave Mitchell.