Double-Blintzed Bird Base Corrugation

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Paper: Tsumugi
Type: abstract corrugation-tessellation (implies: abstract corrugation, abstract tessellation, abstract, corrugation, geometric, pattern, abstract periodic tessellation, non-recursive periodic tessellation, periodic tessellation, tessellation)
Author: Michał Kosmulski
Colors: orange
In albums: Models with Pictures of Precreased Sheets

Molecule close-up Molecule from top (front) Molecule close-up (back) Pre-creased sheet Whole model from top Whole model general view
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After tessellating the blintzed bird base, a natural next step for me was to double-blintz it. Bird base blintzed two times can be tessellated, and it results in a more interesting pattern than the singly-blintzed variant. The pattern is significantly different on both sides.

This corrugation was folded from Japanese Tsumugi paper. I summarized my impressions in a mini-review.

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