Woven Triangles Tessellation I

Model details: Woven Triangles Tessellation I (Symmetric) (by: Michał Kosmulski)
See also: Woven Triangles Tessellation I (Asymmetric), Box with Woven Triangles I

Model types: classic tessellation
Location: on this page
Type: Crease Pattern

Symmetric molecule arrangement Asymmetric molecule arrangement
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Crease patterns are available as a single PNG image. Apart from the CP of a single molecule, it also shows the two main layouts: the symmetric one with two molecule chiralities and the asymmetric one with a single chirality. The precrease pattern collapses to Rectangle and Square Flagstone and Pythagorean Tiling, respectively. Then, you need to perform some squash folds in order to create the triangles.

You can have a look at instructions for Box with Woven Triangles I for a phototutorial of the collapse.

There are literally dozens of variants of this model: as of April 2021, I have folded more than 15, of which I only published 6 so far. This is a whole family of interesting patterns, rife with room for exploration. Enjoy!

Woven Triangles Tessellation I CP (PNG)

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