Box with Woven Triangles I

Model details: Box with Woven Triangles I (by: Michał Kosmulski)

Model types: box lid, classic tessellation
Location: on this page
Type: Crease Pattern, Phototutorial

Box with Woven Triangles I (Michał Kosmulski)

Below you can find a precrease pattern and a photo tutorial of the collapse (for a clean fold). The model is designed around a 12×12 grid, of which 8×8 is the tessellation molecule. You can either fold the complete grid and then add the diagonal creases, or use the techniques described in How I precrease paper for tessellations in order to make a clean precrease without folding the grid first.

If you are interested in folding the corresponding tessellation, have a look at Woven Triangles Tessellation I instructions.

Step 1a
1a. Clean precrease pattern.
Step 1b
1b. Clean precrease pattern (actual precreased sheet).
Step 2
2. Before the collapse.
Step 3
3. Collapse starts.
Step 4
4. Close-up of collapse of central part (tessellation molecule).
Step 5
5. Molecule collapsed.
Step 6
6. Back side.
Step 7
7. Adding wall locks on back side.
Step 8
8. Pulling up the walls.
Step 9
9. One corner locked.
Step 10
10. All corners locked.
Step 11
11. Turning over back to the front side. The model is complete.